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strawberriesMy plan was to get my rhubarb and strawberries transplanted to a sunnier area of the yard, right behind our home vegetable garden. My first plan was to do it in the fall but that didn’t happen so it was early spring but Mother Nature had other plans.

It’s been raining way too much for the past two months. April showers continued right through May and filled every hole I dug. It also made each shovel full of dirt weight more than anything I have ever lifted with a shovel.


I dug the holes wider and deeper than I needed but this way I was able to fill the hole with topsoil and peatmoss so the roots would be able to drain better.

I managed to get the rhubarb transplanted at the first of May but didn’t get the strawberries planted because it started raining again. You can see in the picture how muich bigger the rhubarb is compared to the strawberries and that was in just two weeks.


I didnt’ use all the strawberry plants as this year I am giving the Topsy Turvy planters a try. I’ve got a few friends who have tried them and they love them so I bought two Topsy Turvy planters, one for strawberries and the other for tomatoes.

Very curious to see how they really work.

Checking the transplanted rhubarb

Image by rsgreen89 via Flickr

We are having the strangest spring I can remember in a while. Every time I plan to head outside to do some spring clean up it starts raining and blowing. We had the windiest winter I can think of as well which resulted in downed trees and broke limbs and branches. Glad no one was hit by any of the debri flying around our yard.

Mother Nature finally gave us a break and the rain stopped long enough for our garden area to drain and dry enough to walk around. A couple of days ago it was really only accessible to ducks.

I wanted to move or transplant a section of our rhubarb patch to a sunnier location in our backyard. I managed to dig the hole but it filled with water as I started digging and took a week to finally drain.

Would Someone Please Pull The Plug?

A few days ago the hole was drained and the sun was actually out so I made quick work of transplanting the rhubarb.

It was a pretty easy job once I was able to do it.

The soil in our yard is heavy dense clay and any time we plant anything we need to amend the soil with some compost and peat moss. We have been doing this for a few years with our vegetable garden as we keep increasing the size every year.

The Old Rhubarb Home

I used soil directly from the garden to speed things up. I was able to dig in our garden without any difficulty at all. What a huge different adding some top soil or compost and peat moss has made to our gardens.

Here is the our new rhubarb patch. It doesn’t look so hot right now but in a few days it wil look much better.

A New Sunny Rhubarb Location

Our next project, which I thought I could do at the same time but the rain started again was to transplant some of our strawberry plants to either side of the new rhubarb patch.

Looking forward to growing enough rhubarb and strawberries to make some pies and preserves.

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Your Home Vegetable Gardening


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Home vegetable gardening is on the rise, around the world due to people trying to find ways to save a little money here and there to make life easier.

Rising cost of living never stops just follow gas and oil prices for a while.

My wife and myself have had the desire to have a place we could start a garden and finally we do so we did. Our visit vegetable gardening experience was the best summer. We experienced produce that tasted blessed.

We were hooked and the second year we double the size of our little home vegetable garden. This is our third year and we are doubling the size again so that we can try more things and even make some pies and preserves. All new experiences and we are saving money at the same time.

I joined a seed of the month club and get an envelope with 4 pack of seeds each and every month. I haven’t had a duplicate yet and that is so exciting. Now I start my veggies indoors and get to try brand new things.

This year I am planting some hot peppers. I may put those in our container garden though.

Our first vegetable gardening wasn’t even in a normal garden. We started with a vegetable container garden.

Jenny planted flowers and I planted tomatoes, strawberries, green peppers and beans. It was fun watching them grow from tiny plants. When we started our inground veggie garden we started things from seed instead of buying plants. We were getting into this home vegetable gardening.

The taste of the vegetable we grew was truly amazing. I grew raspberries that tasted so good they actually brought tears to my eyes. Raspberries are my favourite fruit yet I had not tasted raspberries that tasted that good since I was a little kid.

I learned from many years of enduring migraines just how unhealthy pesticides are so we go green all the way. Our planet and our grand kids will thank us for organic gardening.

If you haven’t tried home vegetable gardening I urge you to give it a try as it’s brought us so much, taste, saving money, sharing with friends, did I say tasty. The fact that we spend more time outside, well that’s just a bonus of having a home vegetable garden.

You can learn all you need to learn about home vegetable gardening online but I find it’s faster and easier to purchase a good ebooks like the one I’ve linked to here.

Leave us a comment and share your thoughts with us and our readers.

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