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This year we are wise to the fact that snails and slugs are a menace and we are prepared for war. Beware if you live in a moisture laden area of the country as they love the dampness. Even in relatively dry areas snails and slugs can be found early in the morning.

Plant sweet herbs and watch them thrive, but keep an eye open for holes on the delicate leaves. Those slimy, fat creatures appear when you don’t expect them. The trail of slimy goo left behind becomes a sign for every other snail around to follow to the feast.

When you attempt to track down the snails, they have already returned to their little hideaways to make babies – thousands of them. To make matters worse, this happens over and over again. They hatch in 10-20 days, and come out starving! Voracious eaters, they can be full grown and making their own babies within 6 weeks.

Look for their eggs – they look like tiny clusters of whitish jelly-filled BB-sized balls. Quick! Shake salt on them as fast as you can. They will be destroyed before they hatch.

Snails and slugs live for several years, getting larger each year. Obliterate them quickly. They will continue to destroy your garden if you don’t take immediate measures.

Gardening in backyard greenhouses will definitely help keep those slimy visitors away from your precious plants. If you have a stand-alone or even a leanto greenhouse with vegetables and herbs you will fine fewer instances of the ugly creatures.

Slithering in when you’re not looking, they will lay their nasty eggs inside your greenhouse.Wherever you see that shiny trail, follow! Look under leaves, under pots, anywhere moisture collects.

Whenever you find any, you have many weapons you can use.

Oat bran does not do well in their digestive tract and will kill them when they eat it.

Broken eggshells will kill the slugs when they crawl over the sharp edges.

A bowl full of beer will drown them.

If you plant certain herbs they will repel snails and slugs. Growing in abundance in your greenhouse, the slugs will make a fast exit. Rosemary, lemon balm, mint, lavender and thyme will all help to chase them out.

Keep on top of the problem, you will never have to resort to poisons. In the confines of a greenhouse, herbs will usually do the trick. If you get a serious infestation and need to take drastic measures, use all the above solutions at the same time. If you do that, you can avoid ever using poison.

If all else fails, buy a greenhouse and get a hedgehog or a duck. Or, just stomp on the little slimers.

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