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We love home gardening and have a few raised bed gardens in our backyard and love the fact they don’t hold water like the rest of our yard does. We have been using raised beds to grow mostly flowers but one of our raised bed gardens is strictly for strawberries.

Our Backs Love Our Raised Bed Gardens

What we have noticed and love about our existing raised beds is the fact we don’t have get down on our knees to garden. We can sit right on the edge of our raised bed gardens and work comfortably. My back and knee joints as happy now.

Better Drainage For Healthier Roots

poor drainageThe fact our yard is all dense heavy clay means it holds water for way too long making it hard on the root systems. I have seen our garden hold water for days after a hard rain.

We have even lost plants as the roots started to rot and they died. We noticed the small raised bed we designed for the rhubarb drained just fine, even though water was still standing around the raised bed.

Other Benefits To A Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

We make better us of our space when using raised bed gardening. We don’t have to walk through our raised bed vegetable garden and can easily reach in with no compacting of the soil. We noticed that with our regular vegetable garden we wasted so much growing space with the space between each row.

Using raised beds of about 4 feet across make it easy to reach the bed to add mulch or compost as well as to pick the luscious produce just like square foot garden. Our raised beds are between 4 foot and 8 foot long with no wasted space.

Raised Beds Are Easier Working The Soil

One of the biggest benefits for my back is the fact we can fill the raised beds with great top soil without the need to dig up our clay soil. Without a tiller creating a new veggie or flower bed was back break work and we are hitting sixty and our backs don’t like it.

Once we had the clay soil dug up we still had to add compost and turn it all a couple more times. It has taken me days just to do one small patch this way. I can build or put together a raised bed garden kit and have it ready in just a couple of hours.

The fact our son has moved out west for work means he’s not here to help me do all that work.

We don’t even bother digging up the soil under the raised bed. All we do is make sure the area we are putting our raised bed on is level.

We were just at our local lumber store and bought enough 2x12x4 foot sections and brackets to build another raised bed. We are just waiting for the weather to get a bit warmer. I will try to take some images and maybe even some video of the process. It should be fairly simple and if it is we will be constructing even more raised bed gardens.

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